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Meet Scott & Kristi Schatzline

Mentors, Pastors, Coaches, Leaders, Teachers, Motivators and World Changers

Scott and Kristi Schatzline live to see others walk in the full potential of who they are created to be! They are passionate pursuers of Christ, and they love people unconditionally. They lead a beautiful, multicultural congregation at Daystar Family Church in Northport, Alabama, where experiencing and sharing God's love is the number one priority. Both as pastors and health coaches, they have inspired thousands to live their BEST life and walk in full health--spirit, soul and body! Throughout this journey that they are walking, they have motivated so many to keep fighting and pushing forward.

Nothing is Impossible with God!

Since June of 2020, Scott and Kristi have been on an incredible journey of faith, hope and healing. God has moved mightily through their story and testimony, and each day brings new victories and new proof of God's goodness and faithfulness! Scott's doctors and therapists have been amazed at his progress thus far, and we know that this next step of treatment will only bring him closer to his goal of complete restoration! KEEP READING to learn more about their journey and how you can get involved!


....BUT GOD!

On Father's Day 2020, Scott experienced what is known as a SUDDEN DEATH CARDIAC ARREST. At his daughter's graduation party, he had a heart attack which resulted in his immediate death. BUT GOD!! After several minutes, the paramedics were able to revive and stabilize him. Due to the prolonged time period that his brain was deprived of oxygen, Scott experienced memory loss as well as many other symptoms. He would spend the next month in Druid City Hospital in Tuscaloosa, AL and at Spain Rehabilitation Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital. Scott is a FIGHTER and he has valiantly pursued health and WHOLENESS on this journey. He has relearned basic things like walking, talking and everyday tasks. He is progressing in recapturing his memories and his cognitive abilities. Kristi describes it this way: "It was as if his brain was this large filing cabinet, and the heart attack caused every file to fall on the floor. So now we're slowly putting those files back into place where they belong. Every day, a new file goes back into place and something new clicks for him." It's been so amazing to witness!

1st Round of Treatments DONE!!

Check Out the Progress!!


There is NOTHING that our God can't do!! Scott has completed his first round of a revolutionary type of brain treatment for those who have experienced Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs). The progress that he is seeing is INCREDIBLE. His speech and communication skills have improved dramatically. He has made such great strides with remembering the appropriate words for the appropriate times. He is able to remember more specific details about past events instead of just general things. He remembers important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc. He can recall details about places he's lived and things he's seen--this is a huge point of growth for him! His short term memory is improving as well! He has longer conversations without repeating himself as much. Even when he does begin to repeat himself, he now has a sense of awareness that it's something he's said before. He has a MUCH stronger sense of independence. He goes for walks alone, he wakes up early and gets himself dressed, irons his own clothes, makes his own coffee and so much more. We are so very proud of how far he has come! He has regained his ability to think beyond his immediate needs and has become so attentive to the needs of those around him. Scott is DREAMING again! He has vision for his business and for the church he leads, and he communicates it in fullness with complete clarity. He shares his heart through social media with incredible cohesion. Some of his breakthroughs are less tangible. Have you noticed in his pictures how present and aware his eyes are? This is a major stride that shows his cognitive improvement. In more quantitative terms, Scott's most recent brain test that measures things like speed and accuracy has shown that his capacity has DOUBLED since he began his treatments! We have been completely blown away by the healing that has taken place in his life. Keep reading to learn more about what's NEXT for Scott!

God Did Not Resurrect Scott

to Only Heal Him Halfway!


So what are Scott's next steps from here? While we are absolutely rejoicing over the incredible strides that have already taken place, we KNOW that there is more healing and breakthrough that is available for Scott. He is in need of another round of treatments. Initially, Scott and Kristi thought that they would have to go home and be done after the first round. But through amazing friends and family, funding has already begun to pour in for round two! The treatment center is in Rancho Mirage, California, and it is ONE of only SEVEN of these centers in the world! They have helped NFL players and other athletes who have suffered brain injuries from concussions, as well as many other people who have experienced similar injuries to Scott's. We are believing that through generous partners, God will continue to provide EVERYTHING that is needed financially for this treatment! This care is very expensive and is not covered by insurance. Scott and Kristi would also need to cover travel expenses, food, rental car, living arrangements, etc.


Check out this video to hear the story, straight from Scott and Kristi. The cost for this treatment will be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Just follow the simple steps below to partner with us!

To give DIRECTLY TO SCOTT AND KRISTI, please send funds via CashApp using the handle $KristiSchatzline or via Venmo using the handle @Kristi-Schatzline. This contribution will go directly to their bank account and will not be tax deductible.  Per current IRS regulations, this will also make it to where Scott and Kristi will not have to pay taxes on your contribution!



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